Ceramic Exhibition Monumen'Terre

From Saturday july 4, 2020 to Saturday october 31, 2020
24540 BIRON
Ceramic Exhibition Monumen'Terre

For ten years now, four young ceramicists - Boris Cappe, Tristan Chambaud-Heraud, Arnaud Erhard and Virginie Preux - have been working around a traditional Japanese oven they have built in Abjat-sur-Bandiat. This coated oven - Anagama in Japanese - has a direct flame. Fueled with wood, it allows slow cooking at high temperatures. The work of Génération Céramique mobilizes scientific knowledge, artistic competence as well as a good dose of empirical knowledge resulting from long experience. As part of the promotion of existing crafts in the Dordogne, the Department has ordered from Néomonde a documentary retracing the main stages of the last Anagama firing carried out by Génération Céramique. The pieces supplied in December 2019 are those that open the Monumen’terre exhibition presented at the Château de Biron from February 8 until November 2020.


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