Exploring the Chateau de Biron through the Centuries

The seat of one of the four Baronies of Périgord, the Chateau de Biron occupies a strategic position on the borders of Périgord and Agenais, not far from the fortified town of Monpazier.  Its history is linked to the story of one family – the Gontaut-Birons – who held the barony from the Middle Ages (11th century) for eight centuries until, in 1938, the Marquis of Biron fell into ruin and was forced to sell his chateau.

Today the castle belongs to the Dordogne and is listed among the Major Sites of Aquitaine as a Historic Monument.  Together, the buildings present a diverse accumulation of architectural styles which still bears witness to the former glory of this family of valiant soldiers, and the powerful lords who found favour with many kings.

Every century from the 12th to the 18th has left an imprint of the changing fortunes of this monumental building: the 12th-century keep, the two-storey chapel, the Renaissance apartments, the impressive vaulted kitchens, the State chambers…

Delve into the Heart of History

Biron map
  • 1 Access to the Chateau through the Caretaker’s Lodge
  • 2 Ticket Office – Loggia
  • 3 Chapel of the Seigneurs
  • 4 Departure point for visits and activities (lower court)
  • 5 Collector’s Tower: DISCOVERY WORKSHOPS space
  • 6 Panoramic Terrace
  • 7 Renaissance Principal Building
  • 8 Cours d'honneur
  • 9 18th-century Chateau
  • 10 The Marshals’ Building, EXHIBITION HALL, Great Kitchen
  • 11 St-Pierre Tower, Renaissance Frescoes